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Buy medicines online - How it works

How to order medicines on Euromeds-Doctor.com?

This video describes whole process of ordering medicines. Below you can also find textual explanation. 




Ordering prescription medicines (with processing of payment)

Online doctor - how to order medicines online

Because of your safety, some medicines require a doctor’s prescription and you need to go through the medical consultation process. First step is to select a medicine and add the item to your shopping cart. After that, you need to provide us with your credit card details and we will preauthorize your card for the stated amount. If you order a prescription medicine, consultation is mandatory. You will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire. Medical questions provided by our healthcare associates are exactly the same questions your GP would ask you, such as your symptoms, use of other medications, medical history, etc. Please make sure that you answer responsibly and truthfully, so our doctors provide you with a proper advice.

After you have submitted the completed questionnaire, it will be processed to an expert – doctor (GP or specialists). Doctor assesses your medical status and checks that the medicines you ordered are safe and suitable for you. In case of any professional doubts, you may be asked some additional questions or provide more medical documentation, or in rare situations you may be required to have a video examination. Once your treatment has been approved, the doctor fills out a prescription and sends it directly to one of our affiliated pharmacies in Europe. Discretion is applied during the entire process.
Your products are delivered to your home address by regular post service which is much more affordable but with longer delivery deadline. It is that simple!

Ordering all other products (with processing of payment)

EuroMeds-doctor.com - shipping medicinesTo order a non-prescription product (Over-the-counter), dietary supplements, cosmetics or similar products the process is the same as with any other web shop. Simply add the item to your cart, click on “Checkout”, select your preferred method of payment and click on "Process order". Once you have completed the process, your order will be delivered.


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