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Licensed European Doctors


is much more than just a platform- we take care of all logistic details. Although we are only a mediator which provides an opportunity for contact between customers, doctors, pharmacies and delivery, our support staff will put all their capacity and capability into serving our customers.

If the order relates to a prescription-only medicine, you will need to submit a medical consultation request to us, and one of our licensed doctors will examine your medical history. The doctor then issues a recommendation for the medications that you have requested. If the doctor has approved the order, that means a prescription will be written for you Nothing more than that! Your medicines will be delivered to your home address within a few days.

EuroMeds-Doctor.com acts as a mediator with a regular team of 5 or more qualified doctors whose backgrounds and licenses can be checked during the consultation process. We work with them to refine our product range, our medical history questionnaires and our medical guidelines.

You will always find the name of your personal doctor and their official regulatory body license registration number during the consultation process. It also contains a link to the relevant regulatory body in a European country (Chamber of doctors or similar) in which your doctor works. With this information, it is easy to check their registration online.


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